With time as we age, the elasticity of the tendon gets less becoming stiffer. Age also limits the blood supply to the tendons. This may give rise to chances of getting injury to the tendons due to less ability to sustain tedious actions and loads.

Dr. Vinay has many years of experience catering to the needs of patients with bicep and tendon issues. After examining the condition of the injury to your tendon and bicep Dr. Vinay will suggest the best and most suitable treatment procedure.

Biceps tendon treatment by Dr. Vinay Tantuway

Surgery may be a choice for those who continue to experience symptoms after non-surgical treatments and have a cosmetic “Popeye” bicep muscle.

Initial Treatment

At the start Rest, Ice, and mild anti-inflammatory medications are administered. For managing the swelling cold packs may be applied many times a day for 20 minutes each time. With that anti-inflammatory medications like ibuprofen and aspirin may be given. Along with that, a person is advised to avoid heavy lifting and other activities to subside the pain and swelling. And then finally some physiotherapy is required to bring about mobility and vigor in the shoulder.

Severe Biceps Tendon Injury Treatment

More severely injured biceps and tendons may need surgical procedures. Athletes and manual laborers are the ones who need more of a surgical process to get complete vigor and movement. Patients who are not relieved with non-surgical methods due to partial tears are also the ones needing the surgical procedures.

Surgical Bicep/Tendon Treatment

Surgical procedure is determined depending upon the limit of damage to the tendons. Various kinds of new minimally invasive processes are accessible. But the treatment procedure is decided based on the specific cases.

The damage to the tendon is small than the torn fibers are shaved off via arthroscopic surgery. A biceps tenodesis may be needed in case of more acute injuries. Tenodesis is a process where the torn tendon stump is removed and the remaining tendon is attached to the bone of the upper arm. There is no complexity in this surgical process as such.

After Surgery recuperation

For the first few weeks after surgery, your shoulder may be immobilized temporarily with a sling. Immediate use of the hand is encouraged, but only for very light objects.

As part of your rehabilitation, you will perform therapeutic exercises, flexibility exercises, and eventually strengthening exercises. Four to six weeks of healing is required before a gradual return to moderate or heavy lifting. Desk work can usually be resumed within the first week or two. Return to heavy labor usually takes 2 to 4 months.

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