Hip replacement surgery is a highly effective procedure that can provide relief from chronic hip pain and improve mobility. At Arthros Clinic, renowned joint replacement surgeon Dr. Vinay Tantuway uses his innovative Ingenious technique to perform hip replacement surgeries with precision and excellence.


Hip replacement surgeon Dr. Vinay Tantuway .

A hip replacement is a common surgical procedure that a Dr. Vinay Tantuway will perform to treat a damaged hip joint. The operation involves replacing the joint with an implant, or a prosthesis.

The hip joint is one of the most important joints in the body, providing stability and support for our body weight. Over time, due to factors such as aging, arthritis, injury, or wear and tear, the hip joint may become damaged, leading to pain, stiffness, and a loss of mobility. In such cases, hip replacement surgery may be recommended as a treatment option.

Dr. Vinay Tantuway’s Ingenious technique for hip replacement is a minimally invasive surgical technique that aims to protect and preserve the muscles surrounding the hip joint. By minimizing muscle damage during the surgery, patients experience less pain, faster recovery, and better mobility after the procedure.

The Ingenious technique involves a smaller incision than traditional hip replacement surgery, typically between 3-5 cm. This smaller incision helps minimize the damage to the surrounding muscles and soft tissues, and also results in less scarring. In contrast, traditional hip replacement surgery requires a larger incision, usually between 8-10 cm.

During the surgery, Dr. Tantuway uses advanced technology and instrumentation, including specialized implants, to precisely align and position the new hip joint. This ensures optimal function and longevity of the new joint, providing patients with long-term relief from pain and improved mobility.

Patients who undergo hip replacement with the Ingenious technique can expect a shorter hospital stay, faster recovery, and less pain compared to traditional hip replacement surgery. They can also return to their daily activities sooner and enjoy an improved quality of life.

If you are experiencing hip pain and are considering hip replacement surgery, Dr. Vinay Tantuway and the team at Arthros Clinic are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our innovative hip replacement techniques and how we can help you achieve better health and mobility.